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Most worship comes from the Episcopal tradition--an open, generous, and thoughtful expression of the Christian faith. Not everyone is familiar with the liturgy so people can expect to be greeted and guided through the service.

Happy Women's Day

Tech Team

Needed: Assist in set up and monitoring for Zoom. Record audio of the Sermon. Activate the recorded music system. Assist with audio. clips.

Electronic Gadgets

Worship Committee

Get involved in the liturgy. Become a lay reader or server. Meetings at 10:00 am on the third Saturday of the month.


Senior Couple Meditating

Coffee Service

Arrange for and set up simple refreshments for after service. It may mean slipping downstairs a bit early to turn on the coffee pot.

Female Barista

Music Ministry

Share your gifts in supporting the music ministry - singing, playing, selecting music or recording. Offering your own special music on a one-time basis is also very welcome.

guitar close up

Kids Ministry

Nursery to teens - let's welcome, love, teach and inspire every young person who comes through our doors.


Home School Activities
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