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Every gift of time, talent & treasure is meaningful.


We would like to extend a special thank you for your generous support. Get started with the form below.


Honor and memorial gifts will be recognized with a card sent to the honoree informing them of this special tribute.


Give someone you love resting peace.  See below.


Leave a special gift to the Church in your Will and tell us how you want it to be used. Contact the Vestry to learn more.

Ketchikan's oldest church is undergoing restoration of the beloved BELL TOWER which tolls in times of great joy and great sorrow and always on Sundays! We accept all young bell ringers!

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Every gift is meaningful. Thank you.

Proceeds to The Lord's Table

Please bring in your A&P receipts


Christian Burial in the Church

Our ancient custom as Christians was to bury the faithful dead in the churchyard. The gravestones of all the ancestors of the community were visible as one entered the Church. We cannot have a churchyard at St. John's but we do have a columbarium, a specially designed cabinet in the Vestry Room that serves as a permanent depository for cinerary urns. Each unit bears a bronze plaque with the name and dates of the deceased engraved on it.  


The name of the memorial cabinet is derived from the Latin word for a dovecote -- the nesting boxes of doves. Columba means "dove" in Latin. A columbarium is a structure of these boxes. The first structures of this type were built and so named by the ancient Romans.

There are thirty units in the structure located on site. The fee of $1000 reserves and secures the niche until it is needed. The funds are deposited in the permanent endowment of St. John's Church. There will be no further cost at the time of use of for maintenance.

If you would like to place a reservation, please consult the Rector or a member of the Vestry.

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