Visiting Priest

We welcome Father Joseph Mikel and his wife who will be with us from October 8-17, celebrating Holy Eucharist and spending time with our community.  Do come join us.  look for updates here.

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From a Parishioner:

"Prayer is the original wireless communication"

Praying Hands

Accepting Gift

Delores Churchill receives a painting of her mother Selina Peratrovich, renowned Haida basket weaver, who worshipped and served both at St. John's and St. Elizabeth's.


Pancake Breakfast Returns!

8:00 am.  The best old-fashioned, steamin' hotcakes and links.  Slathered with butter and syrup, just the way you expect it.  Coffee is hot, too.  Donations at the door.  NOVEMBER 5.


Dedication of MacKenzie Undercroft

Margot MacKenzie Miller and her husband, Dick, were present for a ceremony honoring her mother, Dorothy MaKenzie (1909 - 1993), whose generous spirit and service to St. John's was memorable.  Margot and Dick have upheld Dorothy's enviable reputation in the kitchen.


Ringing for the Queen

The Episcopal Church has its historical roots in the Church of England.  On the date of the funeral and internment of Queen Elizabeth II, starting at noon, Ossie rang the bell twice to indicate that a woman had died and once each minute for each year the Queen was alive.